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Central America´s Tourism Brand
STS is proud to take part of the promotion of tourism in Central America, listen to Central America´s toursim song by clicking here.


Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development 2009-2013
The Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development 2009-2013, described herein, is divided into the following four chapters: 1) Considerations of International and Regional Context for the development of tourism. 2) Philosophical Centralamerican platform of Tourism 3) Strategic Areas Plan . 4) Programs related to strategic areas. 5) Plan of action. 6) Indicator System. 7) Priority actions in the context of regional sustainable tourism development and 8) Concluding Remarks.
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Policy Definitions and Strategies for Sustainable Rure al Tourism of Nicaragua, May-August 2009
Definition of a Policy and strategies for Sustainable Rural Tourism (TRS), in Nicaragua, answers to the need to create efforts to promote the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas. These efforts require participatory planning of different public and private stakeholders, together with NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), and international cooperation as a whole which may influence their full implementation in the territories, incorporating as an alternative economic activity complementary to the TRS.
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Bulletin of Sustainable Rural Tourism in Central
Pending summary
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Costa Rica: EXPOTUR 2012 closes with positive results
The XXVIII edition of the Tourism Marketing Exchange, EXPOTUR closed in Costa Rica with a satisfactory reaction for both sellers and buyers, and negotiating an estimated amount of around $ 8.5 million (USD), according to a survey of about 172 buyers during Friday, the last day of the event. See full document
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Latin America sends more tourists abroad
Countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil in particular, are watched carefully by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) by the "growing interest" in its capacity of attracting tourists, said a source of the organism. WTO director for the Americas, Carlos Vogeler, said that, in the case of Brazil, the South American nation reported significant increase of tourist.
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