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In our interventions as sustainable tourism consultants we have had successes, but also errors. We try to correct them vigorously every day, through the implementation of our code of conduct in which we understand what is better:

• For HONESTY - not to accept projects for which our technical teams lack the knowledge to properly address their needs.

• By JUSTICE – our Sustainable Tourism experts list their services at a fair price to cover operating costs and fees of our teams of consultants, while we provide a complete and professional service to our customers.

• BY TRANSPARENCY - will become clear from the outset commitments of Sustainable Tourism development and the commitments that require public and private stakeholders in its implementation.

• OUT OF RESPECT - to the public and private stakeholders we strive to be punctual and reach the appointed hour and day of our commitments, providing advance notice of any situation of delays and cancellations due to major force.

• BY TRUST - although friendships are created in the medium term with our customers, our teams of consultants do not invade the privacy of local people (in their homes, in their religious rites or meetings, or any other event).

• FOR COHERENCE- with sustainable tourism principles we seek to minimize our negative environmental and social impacts in our daily operation and field (organic products, recycled or recyclable) and maximize the social and economic benefits for our clients through our services.

• For EQUITY - we encourage the active work of women and youth in our consulting and public and private actors with whom we work.

• For AUTONOMY - our working methods are participatory and promote self / autonomy of public and private actors, because we do not want to them depend on us, we aim to generate the required empowerment of our customers.



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